The Good Food Village

Fresh | Local | British | Stylish - fast food with a difference

When you’re running an event, it’s important that your visitors have a range of options when they get hungry. For many that means mass produced fast food, but the Good Village is out to change that image of ‘plastic’ food for good! If you want to offer your visitors tasty, fresh food created from locally resourced, often award-winning produce, cooked to order and served with style – book the Good Food Village to put your event on the gastronomic map. You’ll get:

  • Only the best local produce, resourced from the top local suppliers of meat, veg and bakery items.
  • Smart and attractive units with a rustic look, but with modern design and equipment.
  • First class staff cooking and serving delicious food with a smile.

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Gourmet fast food to tempt your tastebuds

If when you think of burgers and hot dogs served at outdoor events – most people think ‘greasy’, ‘plastic’, ‘mass-produced’ and not particularly tasty. Forget all that. The Good Food Village provides:

  1. Freshly made burgers from locally produced beef, just pure beef
  2. Award winning bumper sized ‘bangers’, juicy and sizzling
  3. Freshly baked rolls, fresh and ultimately ‘more-ish’
  4. Local cheeses, turning cheeseburgers into a real gourmet experience
  5. Tasty fresh onions and other veg with that fresh zing
  6. Special Good Food Village sauces and relishes
All our fresh produce is resourced from local suppliers.

You’ll experience our passion for local produce as our list of local suppliers grows and grows. Why eat frozen, mass-produced food when you can get fresh food right on your doorstep?

With six units, there’s something for everyone:

The GFV Burger Experience

Featuring 100% Steakhouse burgers with all the trimmings you could possibly want, with the option of a lamb and mint burger if you want a something a little different.


The GFV Sizzling Sausages

Succulent sausages tucked into a foot long fresh baguette. Choose from garlic and herb, chilli and traditional sausages all exploding with taste.


The GFV Pork Carvery

Sizzling succulent pork, with crispy crackling, stuffing and fresh apple sauce presented in a crusty roll, bursting with flavour.


The GFV Steak and Chicken Extravaganza

Something for everyone, chicken tikka, chilli chicken, barbeque chicken or simply plain chicken cooked to perfection or a steak to get your teeth into; Italian style, barbeque or just plain, in a fresh crusty roll with mustard, mayonnaise or homemade ketchup with garnished with red onions and cooked to order.


Noodle Bar

Our fresh noodles are stir-fried with tasty vegetables and served with succulent chicken breast strips or tender cuts of pork. Choose between curry, black bean or sweet and sour sauce to complete your noodle experience!!


Sizzling Chicken Wrap

Succulent chicken breast strips seasoned with a blend of herbs & spices. Served an a fresh tortilla wrap and garnished with crisp lettuce, tasty red peppers and a choice of Peri-Peri, Garlic Mayonnaise, sweet chilli or Jack Daniels barbeque Sauce.