The perfect partnership

Bradly Carter and Brian Stacey met when their wives introduced them. A few years of friendship grew into a business when Bradly’s entrepreneurial vision and Brian’s practical catering experience came together with an idea.

“Our wives were friends and we met through family gatherings,” explains Brian.

“We’ve always got on and talking business was natural. It was when I came out of my last business and was looking for an opportunity that everything suddenly came together,” adds Bradly.

Brian’s catering business serves hot food to people in local markets and events. Whilst Bradly was looking for the next entrepreneurial venture he started giving Brian a hand and suddenly realised that some events needed more than Brian was currently delivering.

“Of course there’s a place for a burger van – and there always will be – but some events need something a bit more up market. That’s where the Good Food Village comes in,” says Bradly.

Their first experiments were serving ‘Christmas dinner’ at Rochester Castle and Fajitas at the Ideal Home Exhibition – their first joint venture, but they proved that there was a market for quality fast food.

Bradly’s vision didn’t stop at delivering a better class of burger, he wants to help local suppliers to raise their profile and get their products to a wider market.

“Everyone loves food – and fast food doesn’t have to be rubbish,” continues Bradly with entrepreneurial enthusiasm. Brian is more pragmatic, but agrees that it’s a niche that hasn’t been explored by many yet. Both men are passionate about using fresh local produce and their plans could make a real difference to people’s expectations of food on the move in years to come.