Our staff are:

  • Experts in their field, whether that’s managing the team, preparing and cooking food or presenting your meal professionally.
  • Highly trained in all the skills they need.
  • Uniformed to present a professional image and make it easy to identify them.


Far from being ‘just a burger-van assistant’ our team see themselves as part of a highly skilled mobile restaurant service. They know that a fresh burger made from 100% Angus beef has to be matched by a 100% quality service.

We know our staff make a difference – we hope you appreciate the difference they make.

People make the difference

When it comes to quality the products are important, but it’s the service that really makes a difference. A grumpy service provider can ruin a fantastic product experience.

Every member of the Good Food Village team has been hand-picked for their positive approach, customer service and personal presentation. Then we’ve trained them so they live and breathe the GFV values.

No matter what the circumstances you can be sure of a smile from our team – alongside first class service skills no matter what their role might be.

You can book our professional teams – along with the Good Food Village units of your choice – just email us for more information or call us on 01708 850527.

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Steak and Chicken

steakSiblime steaks and Juicy Chicken. Cooked in a variety of organic rustic sauces and marinades. Served in a fresh warm baguette.

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Pork Carvery

pork1Fresh Pork Joint, Coated in our secret sauce and cooked to a crackling crisp! Serves in a fresh warm baguette.

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Steak Burgers

burgers1Freshly produced 100% Steak Burgers, grilled and served with rustic relish, onions and delightful sauces.

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Fine Sausage

sausagesLocally produced Sausages with superb flavour, cooked to perfection and served with onions and mustard seed sauce.

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Noodle Bar


Our fresh noodles are stir-fried with tasty vegetables and served with either chicken breast or pork. Choose between a variety of sauces to complete your noodle experience!! View Gallery

Sizzling Chicken Wrap

chicken wrap

Succulent chicken breast strips seasoned with a blend of herbs & spices. Served on a fresh tortilla wrap and garnished with crisp lettuce, tasty red peppers and a choice of Sauces. View Gallery